Working With Torah

A Guide to Parnassa (Online Edition)

Boruch Clinton

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Overview and Table of Contents:

"And it is surely possible for a man whose circumstances require him to work at even the lowest form of menial labor to become completely pious, just like someone from whose mouth the words of Torah never cease." (Mesilas Yesharim, end of chapter 26)

"Working With Torah" was written for people possessing two characteristics: the desire to excel in all aspects of their Torah lives and the need to find a parnassa. Both these goals lie within reach since the Torah has, through the Talmud and its commentaries, provided us with all the guidelines, wisdom and advice necessary to bring success closer.
"Working With Torah" presents these Torah sources to help you apply them to today's complex and perilous employment environment.

A Note to the Reader:

I consider this book to be a work in progress: the task of choosing an appropriate occupation is as complex as life itself and I am simply unable to anticipate all the many opportunities and risks that surely exist out there in the parnassa world. I'm sure that there are many unnoticed and unsung occupations which, for one reason or another, are an especially good fit for the needs of a ben Torah. Perhaps, too, some of the ideas and suggestions in this book hide serious perils.
That is why I'd like you to share your ideas and suggestions both with me, and with other readers. Send me an email . Perhaps together, as a community, we might be better able to really help each other through what can be a most trying experience.

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Table of Contents:
Torah and Work: Introduction
Thinking About Work
What to Choose
How to Choose
Getting it Done
Training: How to Start
Ways to Prepare
Employment Categories
Career Testing
Home-Based Employment and Business
Second Income
The Resume
Interviews and Salary Negotiations
Bitachon - Knowing the Limits
Attitude is Everything
A Dialogue With a Thoughtful Reader
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