Essays on Judaism

...and thoughts on Torah life

Boruch Clinton

Torah and Society

Talmud and Modern Morality
Were the rabbis even interested?

Living Without Shame
Eating disorders through the lens of eternal reward

Torah and Slavery
How can they co-exist?

Olomeinu Magazine's Shady Deal
A respected children's magazine drops the ball on Torah values


Is the Oral Torah Authoritative?
A second look at the outdated challenge from Academia

Bible Criticism Made Simple

Biblical History, Leprosy and Science

Alphabet Goop
Archeology and the politics of ancient writing


Bad Timing - when prayer and life don't get along

Did God Create Evil?

Jewish Prayer
From outside In

Finding Faith
a short and incomplete course for the Jewish searcher

Observing Shabbos
What's in it for the Universe

The Big Questions
Divine justice through the eyes of the Torah

The Health Mitzvah
Balancing health concerns with Torah life

Living With Pain
Strategies for dealing with crises and emotional suffering

Adopting a Mitzvah
Focus and Grow

Jewish Life

Being and Becoming

Analyzing Intermarriage

Kollel or...?
Can a young couple committed to building a deep relationship with God also find success outside of the kollel world? Executive summary: yes.

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